Silverthread Hand Towel


Silverthread Hand Towel



Experience the ultimate blend of luxury and hygiene with the Sutera Silverthread Hand Towel. This premium hand towel is not just a delight to your skin but also a smart choice for maintaining cleanliness in your daily routine.

Key Features:

  • Material: Made from 100% California-grown Pima Cotton, the Sutera Silverthread Hand Towel is the epitome of softness and durability.
  • Silver Ion Infusion: Each fiber is infused with silver ions, which are known for their natural ability to resist mildew and bacterial odors, keeping your towel fresher for longer.
  • Fast Drying: Designed with a unique European-style “Duo-Weave” texture, it not only absorbs water efficiently but also dries quickly, preventing that unpleasant damp towel smell.
  • Spa-Like Experience: The luxurious feel and superior quality of the Sutera Silverthread Hand Towel turn your daily hand-drying into a mini spa experience.
  • Energy Efficient: With its quick-drying feature, you’ll save energy and time when laundering, as it requires less drying time compared to regular towels.

Elevate your hand-drying experience with the Sutera Silverthread Hand Towel – where comfort meets innovation.

Soft, Clean, and Fresh Luxury

We infused silver ions into our ultra-soft 100% California-grown Pima Cotton to create hand towels that will stay clean, fresh, and soft.

  • Designed to Dry Fast and Smell Fresh

    There’s nothing worse than a damp, musty hand towel. That’s why we designed Silverthread Hnd Towel to evaporate moisture quickly after each use. Our unique, European-style “Duo-Weave” texture absorbs water and helps the towel dry fast.

  • Infused with Silver Ions

    The fibers of our Silverthread Hand Towels are infused with silver ions, which help protect them from mildew and bacterial odors. This helps keep the towels clean after every use so you don’t have to wash them as often!

  • Spa Experience

    Our hand towels are soft, elegant, and stay clean to give you a spa-like experience every time you use it. These towels are specially engineered to ensure a luxurious experience for everyone.

  • Quality You Can Feel

    Pima Cotton fibers are even longer than regular Egyptian cotton fibers. That’s what makes our Silverthread Hand Towels so soft, strong, and resistant to “pilling.”

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