How To Use Your Sutera Dream Deep For Best Results

Getting started...

Remove Dream Deep from the box and let it expand.

Unzip Dream Deep’s cover and remove it. Let the memory foam air out for 12 hours before using.

Replace the removable cover, and get ready for deep, restorative sleep!

Advanced Contour Design For Full Support

For all sleep positions

Side Sleepers:

Lie on your side as usual, and wrap your arms into butterfly wings.

Back Sleepers:

Gently lay back and let the neck notch cradle your head and neck.

Stomach Sleepers:

Wrap both around the pillow, using the butterfly wings for optimal comfort.

Top Notch Memory Foam

Taking Care Of Your Dream Deep

Removable Cover

Sutera Dream Deep comes with a removable, easy-to-clean cover that requires minimal maintenance. The ultra-soft, breathable cover works perfectly as a pillowcase. For even more comfort, pair Dream Deep with a premium pillowcase.

How & When To Wash

Wash your Dream Deep cover as often as you see fit. If you don’t use a pillowcase with Dream Deep, we suggest more frequent washing. To wash the cover, simply unzip, remove, and throw it in the washer. You can wash it on a cold setting with like colors.

Cleaning Dream Deep

If the memory foam pillow itself gets dirty, we recommend spot cleaning as necessary. To spot clean, use a warm damp cloth with natural cleaner. Always let your pillow completely air dry before replacing the cover and using it.

*Pro Tip: Dream Deep’s memory foam material easily folds into a compact shape, which makes it perfect for travel! Simply roll or fold it into your suitcase.

Take it from us

Sutera’s advice for best results...



  • Use pillows made from cheap materials that break down easily.
  • Machine wash or tumble dry Dream Deep.
  • Use harsh chemical cleaners like bleach on your Dream Deep.